BG05-SUGrid is the computing cluster of the University of Sofia "St. Kliment Ohridski". The main purpuse of the site is to support the physical experiments CMS, NA48 and NA62. Currently, the farm is certified and is a part of the global grid computing network - the European Grid Infrastracture (EGI).

The farm was created in 2005 with the financial support of the project "Establishment and development of Grid infrastructure for research and education", № IO-10/2005 under the Fund "Scientific Research " of the Ministry of Science and Education. From its creation till now the farm was grid site into projects LCG, EGEE-I, EGEE-II and EGEE-III.

Currently, the site is based on the EMI and g-Lite grid middlewares and it is located in the Faculty of Physics of the university. Together with the colleagues from the Faculty of Physics, Faculty of Mathematics and Informatics participates in the creation and maintenance of the farm. The BG05-SUGrid site serves the needs of HEPH experiments and supports the virtual organisations CMS, NA48, NA62, Biomed and OPS.

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